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As a Leader

Samuel Prather - A Groove Orchestra Christmas (2015) Piano, Producer

Samuel Prather - Groove Orchestra (2014) Piano, Producer

Samuel Prather - Split Personalities (2006) Piano, Producer

As a Sideman

Afro Blue - That is Love (2017) Drums

Nureya Monroe - Nureya Monroe (2015) Piano, Bass

Olayimika Cole - L'ife (2014) Piano, Keys, Vocals

Afro Blue - Jubilee (2014) Piano

Andaiye - Storyville (2014) Piano 

Pete Muldoon Sextet - The Score (2014) Drums

Afro Blue - The Best is Yet to Come (2012) Piano

Free Verse - Wake Up (2010) Piano, Producer

Gigi Allen - I Need You (2011) Piano, Bass

Gigi Allen - I Need You (2011) Piano, Bass

YaMama'Nym -Soularevolution (2008) Piano

YaMama'Nym - Due Time (2005) Piano

YaMama'Nym - 2:00AM (2003) Piano

Thanks for supporting independent artists. Your purchases are what makes it possible for me to create music. These are some of albums I've played on or produced tracks for. I know all of these artists (myself included) are appreciative of your support. More to come! Enjoy.


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