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Online Lessons

Being an in demand musician and filmmaker, Samuel Prather has to keep his roster of one on one lessons limited. Those children and adults who do study with him, benefit from the almost 20 years of experience teaching and playing as professional musician. Topics of study can include Piano/Drum performance, Reading Leadsheets and Standard Notation, Theory, Recording, Production, Composition, Improvisation, History, Ensemble Playing, Modern Repertoire, and much more. His experience is also supported with a Master's Degree in Jazz performance from Howard University. His style of teaching is personal to each student's goals, but uniform in his commitment to making learning fun and wholistic. Lessons are via Facetime or Zoom weelky or bi-weekly except federal holidays which we'll all hopefully enjoy with our families. As an independent teacher I can offer sessions in 30 min, 45 min, and 1 hour increments to best fit your needs, budget, and schedule. It's also easier than ever to offer even more flexibility when things come up like vacation and family emergencies. Sign up while slots are still open!

30 min Weekly Online Lessons 


45 min Weekly Online Lessons 


60 min Weekly Online Lessons 


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