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Sam is up and coming producer quickly gaining a reputation for being a perfect mix of creativity,versatility, flexibility, and efficiency. These elements combine to make him the perfect weapon to keep your project on-time, on-budget, and on point.

Sam is able to make completely original music with or without the use of samples . The tracks he produces are always reflective of his clients choice of instrumentation and have a personality of their own.  While he does have a style, Sam isn't pinned down to one sound.

Sam is able to faithfully produce the feel of a wide range of music. He is able to do everything from make soulful R&B grooves to orchestral arrangements fit for the big screen; Edgy, hard-hitting Hip Hop beats to organic acoustic Jazz.

Sam is able to work on a variety of technological platforms. Whether making a midi sequenced track in Reason or editing in Pro Tools, Sam is flexible to the workflow of his clients and comfortable working in-person or remotely via the web. Also Sam can play live piano, organ, drums, percussion, electric and upright bass, as well as lay vocals if needed for your project; and he can use software synths to create almost any other instrumentation he can't play live.       

Sam is used to deadlines and budgets, so he is guaranteed to save you time and money in the studio.  Though relatively young, Sam's experience producing on over 11 LP's has taught him how to produce his work so it's easier and faster for everyone involved.

Here's a jazz inspired R&B track I wrote and produced for YaMama'Nym. This track has no live instruments at all except voice and violin but caputures a pretty live feeling. 

Here's a jazz and world music track I arranged and produced for Lolita Chambers Lamkin. This track has no live instruments at all except voice and Upright Bass but also caputures a live feeling. 

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