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Sam is a motivated and flexible educator. He has experience teaching students of all musical backgrounds the basics of harmony and theory on any instrument with an emphasis teaching students how sight-reading, chord interpretation, and playing by ear can be used together to be a more versatile player whether their long term goals are to be a professional or a hobbyist.

Through the prism of Blues, Jazz, Rock, Pop, Gospel, Soul, Latin or any other music the student is interested in, Sam teaches students to use universal musical tools in readily applicable ways.

This principle makes him ideal to teach students who may not be excited about learning in the classical tradition but still have an interest in playing music. He understands that a student can only really maintain passion for music that they see an application for. That's why the aim is to use the applications the student initially shows interest in wishes to introduce them into other concepts.  

Sam also focuses on teaching broad musical concepts and teaching students to use those concepts to make their own music. While teaching is not Sam's primary focus, those who study with him have the benefit of learning from an experienced and active professional musician.

Sam also uses the latest in technology in combination with time honored methods to aid students in learning.  Physical and Digital flash cards , Software, Digital Metronomes, Recording, and Electronic Accompaniment are all in his arsenal. As a multi-instrumentalist, he regularly accompanies his students on Piano, Bass, Vocals or Drums . 

Sam teaches the student to teach themselves new skills so that they have an understanding of the workflow involved in developing different levels of proficiency.  So whether a student wants to get a scholarship to Berkley, or just to be able play for friends and family to sing along, Sam teaches his students in a way so that the only difference between the two would be the amount of time the student devotes to practice.

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